When it comes to your automobile, when you forget about the small maintenance steps you could quickly have expenses for auto repair go through the roof. Causing you to need to a cheap car towing service near me. But good news is on the horizon. Fortunately, there are a  few simple maintenance tips that can prevent you from the need to get your car out of the repair shop. By adding these three items to your auto maintenance schedule may help to keep your car running smooth and looking great.

Car Maintenance Tips

Check the Cars Fluids

By ensuring that all your car’s fluids are topped off, your car will keep running like a top. By keeping the following fluids at the proper levels will help to keep your wheels on the street:

  • Motor Oil
  • Antifreeze
  • Power Steering Fluid
  • Transmission Fluid
  • Brake Fluid

Check your cars owners manual so that you’ll know exactly what types of fluid, and exactly what levels are appropriate for your car or truck.

Keep Your Car Tires Inspected

Setting your tire pressure isn’t a one time event. All tires will lose a bit of air as time passes, even if the tires are in good shape, it makes sense to check your tires regularly to make sure that they are inflated to the appropriate levels. Always check the inside of the drivers side door for a sticker that gives you the right tire pressure.

Change Your Automobile Air Filter

Air filters are there to keep harmful dirt and debris out of your car’s engine. Dirty air filters lead to a drop-in fuel economy which result in a loss of engine power. By changing your air filter periodically, you will keep your car’s engine running at its peak performance.

Car Maintenance Helps to Keep Your Car Running

Keeping your car running smoothly doesn’t require a ton of effort. By paying extra time, a little time, every now and again or on a regular schedule, your fluids, belts and so on can prevent you from calling emergency roadside assistance to get a ride to the mechanic.