Winters in Louisville, KY can be dangerously cold and prone to icy roads and loads of snow. Because of these dangerous factors, a Louisville emergency towing service is essential for your safety and convenience. That’s why tow truck Louisville local towing services are often in need. We at Louisville Towing & Emergency Roadside Assistance Service are here. We are one of the area’s most experienced and reliable towing services with the most affordable Louisville towing rates to help you in stranded roadside situations as soon as possible after an accident or another mishap.

Emergency Towing Services are Neededtow truck louisville

Emergencies happen and good local towing services can be in need in a time of trouble. Here are a few reasons why you need a Louisville towing services expert team by your side when you are in a time of trouble.

An Emergency Tow Truck Can Keep You from Freezing

A tow truck Louisville specialist could actually save your life. Night temperatures in the Ohio Valley can easily fall into the teens and single digits in the dead of winter. If you’re left stranded after hours and can’t reach anyone, an emergency tow truck Louisville specialist might be your best shot at getting out of the cold fast.

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A Tow Truck Removes Your Car from Icy Roads

A car stranded on the side of an icy road is vulnerable to being struck by other vehicles. In snowy conditions, you might not be able to get your car off the road entirely, and other motorists may have trouble seeing your car or even coming to a stop! Your car sitting in the middle of an icy road is a recipe for disaster if you are in the car. Even if you had the ability to call for a ride and were forced to abandon your car, you could return to discover it has been struck and damaged by other cars. The safest bet is to call for a tow truck in Louisville and get your vehicle to safety as quickly as possible.

A Tow Truck Keeps You from Being Plowed In

Having your car ran into on an icy road, isn’t all you should worry about on snowy days. Snow plows are on the streets, doing the job of shoving heavy snow and slush out of the road. If your car is abandoned alongside a curb, you might return to find you’ve been plowed in. This could cause an extremely difficult retrieval and end up as a much more expensive solution than you earlier anticipated.

A Tow Truck Louisville Company When You Need Us

At Louisville Towing & Emergency Roadside Assistance, can tow any make or model of car, truck or even a motorcycle when needed. Whether you need something as a jump start or a tow off the side of an icy road, visit our website for contact details, or call 502-200-9304 to the most reputable towing tow truck service Louisville has to offer.