There are many advantages of owning electric vehicles. Electric vehicles offer reduced emissions and lower running and maintenance costs, in general, which often makes owning an electric car a worthwhile investment. A great deal of people are jumping into the Electric Vehicle market, with more manufacturers like Tesla, consistently release improved models that bridge the gap between electric and combustion engine vehicles.

But, in spite of the benefits of electric vehicles, they aren’t free from needs that regular gasoline powered vehicles. Like any vehicle, electric automobiles are subject to severe wear and tear, while there are other outside influences that may also cause damage to the vehicle, leading many to require towing services of some sort.

Let’s take a look at the most common reasons that electric vehicles need some type of roadside assistance:

Electric Vehicles Sometimes Run Out of Battery Charge

It’s a basic issue with a simple fix but running out of battery charge remains the most common reason for electric vehicles needing roadside assistance. Basically, it’s the equivalent of running out of gas!

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While the batteries of these vehicles have vastly improved, they still only provide a limited charge, and many people forget to watch this. Also, because there are very few public charge points, many struggle to recharge the battery when they are out on the roadway, leading many to run out of charge and require roadside assistance.

Electric Vehicles Sometimes Have Dead Batteries

An electric vehicle isn’t the same the battery dying in a combustion engine vehicle, but rather an electric battery that provides the Electric Vehicle with power. Lithium-ion battery technology for electric vehicles has come long way as of recent, but they are still susceptible to getting older and dying like traditional batteries.

Some newer Electric Vehicles come with batteries that are in much better condition than older electric vehicles, but the batteries for the electric vehicles are still going to need to be replaced at some stage. Batteries more often with older Electric Vehicles that have been on the road for a while, causing the vehicles batteries to take less charge and eventually die.

Electric Vehicles Can Have Brake Issues at Times

Some Electric Vehicles breakdown problems are much the same as all other vehicles. Brakes are a common reason for any breakdown, mainly because they wear over time so the pads and rotors need replaced. While Electric Vehicles use often use specialized regenerative braking systems that slow vehicle down wear and tear.

Electric Vehicles Still Have Tires

Another vehicle issue that also effects electric cars are tire issues. Tire issues may be from the general wear on the tire treads or due to some sort of object on the road that punctures the tread, with flat tires frequently causing Electric Vehicles to need roadside assistance.

As a matter of fact, there are many vehicles, like some Tesla’s that are much heavier than their combustible, with the battery system adding significant weight. This in turn puts more pressure on the tires, causing the tires to fail.

Electric Vehicles Need Towing

Electric Vehicles like all other vehicles have issues that need to be addressed like traditional vehicles. That’s why there are companies like Louisville Towing and Emergency Roadside Assistance Service to save the day! Call us at 502-200-9304 today!