When our customers end up calling for a towing service Louisville, there are usually some warning signs or there may have been a lack in basic car care and maintenance. If you are in Indiana, we recommend you use a car detailing Fort Wayne company such as FortWayneMobile.us to keep your car looking beautiful.

Here are some smart car car tips for you to do this fall to prevent the need to call a 24-hour tow truck service like us for help. Hey, we love you, but, we’d much rather keep you on the road. If you need a tow, call us at 502-200-9304 today.

Check the Tires

Check tire tread depth, and look for any signs of wear and tear such as bulges and bald spots. Check the tire pressure, and adjust it accordingly using the PSI listed in your owner’s manual or driver’s side doorjamb. Remember, tire pressure drops when the temperature outside drops, so make certain to keep a regular schedule of tire pressure maintenance.

Inspect the Battery

Check the battery connections to make sure they’re tight, clean and free of corrosion. Harsh Kentucky winter weather can be hard on a vehicle battery. Check the battery and charging system before the cold sets and make sure you change your battery following the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations. That timeframe means everything!

Check Wiper Blades, Defrosters and Heater

Not only is checking your vehicle’s heating, venting and cooling (HVAC) system important for comfort but it’s important for your safety, too. You need well functioning HVAC system in your car for defrosting and visibility when it gets cold outside. Also, check your wiper blades to make sure they’re not cracked, torn or leave streaks across your windshield. Wiper blades should be replaced every six months. So, when you go to change your wiper blades, you can also check the level of wiper fluid in your car’s reservoir.

Check Your Brakes

It’s important your brake system is fully prepared to take on winter weather. Generally, you can bring your vehicle in for a wheel brake inspection, which includes a road test for braking symptoms, inspection of condition and level of brake fluid and inspection of master cylinder at most brake or ethical mechanic. Most reputable automotive service centers should provide access to brake replacement and installation services.

Check Your Lights

Make sure your headlights and taillights (including brake lights, fog lights and hi-beams) are in working order – especially since you’ll be using them more as it gets darker much earlier. Also check the clarity of the light lenses. Cloudy lights aren’t as easy to see, and it cuts down on your visibility on the road. There are a few simple cleaning solutions for your headlights. Your car detailing company should be able to get your headlights clear!