So you’re unfortunate enough to cruise down the highway, only to suddenly get a tire blow out. Changing a tire is no problem at all. Unfortunately, you don’t have the number of a flat rate tow company to come out and change your tire. Your next best option is to change the tire yourself. You decide to pop open the truck and boom. You see there is no flat tire jack! Fortunately, here is a guide on how to change a flat tire without a jack.

Changing a Flat Tire

Normally changing a flat tire with a jack is something that can be done easy as 1-2-3! When you’re changing a flat tire you want to make sure that you have the emergency break on, and you’re safely pulled off the road as much as possible. But are the rules the same when you are changing a flat tire with no jack?

How to Change a Tire With No Jack

Here are the steps on how to change a flat tire without a jack. We recommend changing a tire with a jack for changing tires, whenever possible.

Step 1

Drive the car until the flat tire is over open soil.

Step 2

Turn the car off and press the emergency park brake.

Step 3

Find a stump, a log, a wood block or piece of concrete and slide it under the side of the axle closest to the flat tire. Stack the material until it contacts the axle.

Step 4

Begin digging away the soil beneath the flat tire with your hands. Now it is much easier to dig away the soil is you have if you have a stick or a tire iron. Dig away the soil until the axle rests solidly on the blocking materials.

Step 5

Dig the hole down and out a few inches on all four sides of the tire. The hole needs to be dug deep enough and wide enough to remove the flat tire and accommodate the installation of the spare tire.

Step 6

Unscrew the nuts on the tire with a tire iron until all of the lug nuts are removed.

Step 7

Pull the rim off the threaded studs and remove the flat tire from the hole. Set the spare tire in the hole and hoist it up onto the studs until they poke through the holes in the rim. Thread all of nuts back on and tighten them down with the tire iron. Remember this is how you change a flat tire with no jack.

Step 8

Take a large rock and Push a rock down in front and in rear of the tire and fill the hole back up with the previously removed soil.

Step 9

Disengage the emergency parking brake. Start the vehicle and put it in a forward moving gear. Slowly give the vehicle gas until the spare tire climbs out of the hole and lifts the axle up off the blocking materials.

Pro Tip When Changing a Flat Tire With No Jack

  • If the vehicle has a hard time getting out of the hole rock it back and forth by switching from a forward moving gear to the reverse gear.

Items you will need to change a tire without a jack

  • Open area with diggable soil
  • Digging device – Hands?
  • Tire iron
  • Spare tire
  • 2 large rocks

Tire Changing Jacks

If your vehicle lacks a tire changing jack, the next best option is to go to your local junk yard and find your car’s make and model. And when you find the right tire changing jacks, make certain that you know where to put the jack when changing the tire.

This is Key When You Change a Tire with No Jack

When you are changing a flat tire without a jack, remember to be careful. The average car weighs well over a ½ a ton, and can easily crush a limb if caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. But what’s best is that you get your flat rate emergency roadside assistance at Louisville Towing & Emergency Roadside Assistance Service. We can be reached at 502-200-9304 today!