With the recent decline in oil prices, the price of gasĀ  is still not a pretty one. This is more reasonable and relevant to those who own more than one car or operate machines for example, generators that require gas or propane. Achieving better car gas mileage is something a driver constantly tries to perform. A vehicle with good fuel mileage is also considered a good fit and have an increased resale value. Better even, with better gas mileage, the likelihood of the need to call for a towing company in Louisville, KY for extra gas drops!

Get Better Gas Mileage

We have consistently been asked this question, how to better our car’s mileage. Not only that but some drivers even try to take this to new heights, they try to enhance the standard mileage given due to the manufacturers. Some get ahead and some are not. Here in this article, we will tell you how to better your car’s mileage just like an expert

Driving Style Affects Gas Mileage

This could sound a little unsubstantiated but the way you drive and hit the gas peddle affects the mileage the most. Unexpected braking and abrupt pickups are the gas mileage killer. Although while stuck in a traffic, you can’t really help but just watch the mileage go down but over remaining time, how you drive will really best affect your overall gas and fuel efficiency.

Listening to music is a perfect way to avoid road rage. Listening to music It keeps you calm and composed in heavy traffic and you automatically keep a softer foot on the paddle. Always remember that aggressive driving doesn’t only include reckless driving but how you handle the paddle. Keeping a heavier foot on the table will make the engine work harder and it will consume more fuel.

It is the way how you accelerate that matters. Most individuals are under a wrong impression that driving slow will better the mileage. Driving slow won’t but accelerating slowly will improve the mileage. Now, how will you accelerate slow will depend on how delicately you handle the gas peddle. Remember, if you would like to improve the mileage, you should leave that “Fast n The Furious” mindset for the movies.

Also, the more weight you have in your car the more engine power that the car will use. Take the time and empty your trunk of unwanted and excess items and you will most certainly see a radical change in the mileage. Hopefully for the better!

Carpooling is a Road to Better Gas Mileage

This is something more related to fuel saving than mileage. The reason that we have included this in our article is that it all come down to saving more fuels when we talk about maintaining a good mileage. Carpooling is a great way to save money and also help the environment. You can distribute flyers at your university and office about your plan to carpool and save some serious money at the end of the month. Carpooling also provides you with an opportunity to be more socially active!

Proper Car Maintenance Affects Gas Mileage

You could be surprised to know that almost every part of the car has a direct or indirect effect on your gas mileage. It is super important to keep your vehicle in the best operating condition if you desire to achieve above average gas mileage. If you’ve had a roadside emergency and it looks like you need a tow, call us at Louisville Towing & Emergency Roadside Assistance Service at 502-200-9304 when you need help.