Unfortunately we’ve all experienced a flat tire or tire trouble at one point in our life. God forbid we have a tire maintenance issue when we’re on the road at all hours of the night. If that’s the case, in that instance you’re going to need a 24 hour towing service. If you need a 24 hour towing service, call us at 502-200-9304 for help today! Here are some important tire maintenance tips that should keep your tires in good working order.

Why is regular tire maintenance important?

Tires are one of the most important parts of your vehicle. They are what move the vehicle, since they are the only part that touches the ground, and are one of the parts of your vehicle that requires constant maintenance. For example, research from the NHTSA shows that underinflated tires give the driver three times as much of a chance to be involved in a car crash.

What is not considered proper tire maintenance?

Proper tire maintenance involves:

  • Aligning the Wheels – Wheel alignment is one of the biggest elements of having good tire maintenance. For example, your car may pull to one side and be crooked, which would be a sign of bad wheel alignment. To make sure your wheels are aligned, you can have the alignment checked by professionals once a year.
  • Tire Inflation – Underinflation of your tires can be detrimental to the maintenance of your tires. Underinflation can cause accidents, it can have a huge effect on the traction of your car, braking, and the handling of your vehicle on the road.
  • Tire Rotation – Tire Rotation has a huge effect on the way your vehicle drives on the road. Routine tire rotation makes sure that the wear is equalized. To have the best driving experience, you need to make sure you have equalized tires.

What causes tires to separate?

Usually, manufacturing defects are the reason for tire separation. Specifically, tire separation happens when the belts under the tread of a tire come apart. The tread begins to come off the rest of the tire because of this. This issue is extremely dangerous at highway speeds, since it makes drivers lose control of their car, causing their car to crash.

What causes a broken belt in a tire?

There are numerous causes for Broken Belts in tires. They mainly stem from problems in manufacturing, improper mounting, degraded rubber, exposure to heat, ozone, debris, or oversteer. If you have a broken belt in your tire make sure to get it replaced immediately. Broken Belts in your tires are extremely dangerous, and occur mainly when you are driving on the highway.

If you have a broken belt in your tire, do not drive long distances. Doing so will result in your tire failing, resulting in a crash. If you have a broken belt in your tire, your top priority should be replacing your tires immediately.

How long can you drive with a nail in your tire?

The amount of miles that you can drive with a nail in your tire depends entirely on how the nail gets stuck in it. Usually, when a nail gets stuck in your tire, you might not notice anything at first, but when you see the nail in your tire, you should take action immediately.
The first thing that you should do when you notice a nail in your tire is to check the pressure in your tire to determine the amount of air that has been lost due to the stuck nail in your tire. If the pressure is not good enough, make sure to replace the tire as soon as you possibly can.

Is it safe to drive with a nail in the tire?

It isn’t safe to drive long distances with a nail in your tire. If you continue to drive without getting your car fixed, the tire could blowout, forcing you to lose control of your vehicle while driving. Because of this, you will have to call a tire store to get your tire repaired after seeing the nail in your tire.

Tire Maintenance is Key

Tire maintenance is key to keep your vehicle running right. If you happen to have a roadside emergency from a tire maintenance issue, give us a call at 502-200-9304 today!