There’s a number towing companies in the Louisville, Kentucky area there are some full service like Louisville Towing & Roadside Assistance Service. Regardless of what form of service you need, there are some important aspects to consider when choosing a Louisville towing company.

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Towing Company State Certification

The state department that monitors the industry has a certification process that keeps towing companies in check. The department performs inspections to make sure Kentucky tow truck companies:

  • Have proper drug test protocols in place
  • Have tow operator licenses up-to-date
  • Have evidence of Liability Insurance
  • Have a manufacturer’s data plate, or document from the manufacturer, stating the capacity of their boom, winch, or carry mechanism
  • Have a winch in good condition (not exceeding capacity of boom or leaking oil).
  • Have cables meeting manufacturer’s specifications and in good condition.
  • Display company signage properly.

A good towing company will be completely certified and have a clean record with the state.

Towing Company Pricing.

Fair pricing is a good indicator that a towing company is not out to just make a buck, but to continually build their customer base by providing affordable rates. A quick Google search can easily give you a good idea of what the going rate is for a variety of towing services. A rate that seems too good to be true probably is and may not be from a reputable company with long term goals of keeping in business.

Fast Towing Service and Expertise.

Since it’s usually a stressful situation that prompts your need for a towing company in the first place, calling a company already known for their ability to quickly and accurately assist drivers will help put your mind at ease. No one wants a tow driver who takes a lengthy time to turn up and afterwards isn’t sure of how to handle a situation.

Customer Satisfaction.

One of the greatest ways to determine which towing companies provide excellent service is from customer feedback on Google and Yahoo.